find a way to solve your yearbook problems

Do you like your current yearbook company but have become frustrated by the lack of service your representative provides?

Has your yearbook representative quit or joined a different company leaving you wondering what you should do?

Are you forced to hold numerous fundraising events because paying your final yearbook bill is difficult?

Are you forced to buy more books than you can sell?

Have students and parents ever wanted to buy a yearbook after you’ve sold your last one?

Have you ever had to print stickers to fix a typo or had to tell a student you were sorry for leaving them out of the yearbook?

Does your yearbook have impactful images that are technically correct?

Although I am a teacher and yearbook adviser, I spent my entire working career in the yearbook industry. After starting as a high school photographer and editor, I became a yearbook and school photography representative, trainer, and, finally, a yearbook adviser. Because of my experience and knowledge, I can help you find solutions to your yearbook problems while helping you find a more affordable way to print your books.

As authorized representatives for several independent yearbook companies, we can help you find the best yearbook printer based on your unique needs. We represent both digital and offset printing companies, so if you need any quantity of yearbooks from 25 to 2500, we’ve got you covered!

In several geographical territories throughout the United States, we have local representatives that can offer you the same services that you come to expect from the Big Four companies, but at a much lower cost. Discover how affordable our yearbooks can be!

Would you like a better yearbook experience?

Extreme Savings!

We offer a quick response to your needs, questions, or concerns. You can contact us online, by text, email, or phone.

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No more waiting days or weeks

We know important service is to our yearbook advisers. We promise we will return your calls, emails, and text messages with 24 hours. It’s often much faster than that!

We’ve Been There. We Know How To Help

As former educators who have been in the trenches, we know what you are going through.

How Can We Help You?

We can help you in various ways:

  • Help design or locate curriculum
  • Teach your students
  • Offer suggestions